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Brasov Public Transport

Brasov has a pretty effective public transport system with buses and trolley buses covering the city and the train net work covering the larger towns and cities.


A bus ticket must be purchased from one of the many kiosks next to the bus stops. You then need to punch the ticket in the machine once you are on the bus to validate it. Failure to do this may result in a fine. One bus ticket costs 1.5lei.


The trains are very cheap but can slow and  delayed many times due to the amount of work carried out on the lines. Another cheap option in getting to the larger cities is using the max taxi which are mini buses which  run on a very regular basis. They generally can be found outside the main railway station and the larger bus stations

Brasov Trains

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Bus Info

Brasov Buses

RO Taxi: (0268) 319 999


TOD Taxi: (0268) 321 111


Avis Rent A Car: (0268) 413 775


Budget Rent A Car: (0268) 474 564


Taxi and Car Hire for Brasov