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Brasov Train Information

CFR The Romanian railway network is the densest and one of the largest networks in Europe.


Brasov Railway Station (Gara Brasov)

5 Bd Garii

Tel 0268 410 233

The no 4 bus goes from the station to the city centre



There are 4 types of trains in Romania and which serve the Brasov region;


Tren de Persoane:   Marked P on the timetable, very cheap but also very slow as they stop at every village. OK for visiting a nearby village in Brasov


Accelerat;     Marked A on the timetable. These trains serve the larger towns.


Rapid:          Marked R  on the timetable. These trains are a lot faster and stop at the major cities. Reservation is obligatory


Intercity:      Marked IC on the timetable. The trains are a lot faster but is the one to choose if travelling a long distance such as Bucharest. They are a lot more expensive than the other 3 and Reservation is obligatory. They run infrequently compared to the other 3.



To get CFR timetables visit their website which gives a comprehensive listing of trains calling at Brasov.   http://www.cfr.ro/