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ABOUT Poiana Brasov

Poiana Brasov is Romania’s best equipped ski resort and is set at an altitude of 1000m, on the side of the spectacular Mount Postavaru and offers skiing generally from between December and March.


The first mountain chalet was built on Mount Postavaru in 1883 and is still popular today as a restaurant with the skiers and hikers. The first skiing competition was held in 1906 and from there it has grown to be one of the most popular ski resorts in Romania.


Poiana Brasov is easily accessible from Brasov, about 15 minutes car drive for the 12km route and the No 20 bus runs every half an hour from the central Livada Posteri bus station.


Poiana Brasov as an excellent ski school which is specialises in teaching children and many of the excellent ski instructors speak perfect English.


In the 80’s Poiana Brasov was very popular with the Germans as a ski resort but now it is very popular with the British and the Russians. When going up there during the English/Scottish half term breaks you would find the majority of the skiers being British.


The resort is also a beautiful place to visit in the summer where hiking and hand gliding are popular sports.


The resort offers numerous number of hotels and restaurants catering for all tastes and budgets. However Poiana Brasov although excellent for first time and inexperienced skiers the more experienced skiers could get bored with the runs after a few days.


Generally speaking most tourists would fly into Bucharest and hire a car or coach up to Bucharest. It has been know for some tourists to fly into Cluj however the Bucharest airport is far more easier to access.