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Along the Enchanted Way  by William Blacker  

Published in 2009 its describes the real life story of a young English guy (William Blacker) who at the fall of Communism in 1989 drove from England into Eastern Europe to explore the once closed countries behind the Iron Curtain. On arriving in Romania he fell in love with the country and the people and settled in country married a gypsy girl who fathered in child. This book is a remarkable glimpse of history, culture and mysterious enchanted life of gypsies.

Available online at Amazon.com and from any decent bookshop



Dracula is Dead

Join Jim Rosapepe and his wife, award-winning journalist Sheilah Kast, on an amazing tour of an amazing land—beyond Dracula, beyond orphans, beyond Communism, to the vibrant culture, unique history, and 21st Century skills which define modern Romania. Check out the books website for more info

Released in 2009 in Cannes Tales from the Golden Age is a fantastic portrait of life in Romania under Communism. Conceived and directed by Cristian Mungiu the film is about 5 stories based in the last 10 years of Ceausescu’s Regime. The film is genuine funny and offers a glimse of life in Romania under Communism. For more information check the films website.

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